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We are an interior design studio specialising in commercial office design for every type of business.

We employ our experience and knowledge of different workplace styles to ensure the design, layout and palette reflect your brand to produce a high performing environment, whilst also providing you with real value for money.



Head to our Blog to read about our recent project with Miele who engaged us to create a premuim design for one of their modest Melbourne sites which aims to reflect the quality and design aesthetic that Miele execute in their market leading products.


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Fundamental to the whole design process is understanding your business. We can do this in several ways and we'll discuss which technique is best suited to capture a cross section of information from your organisation....



Once your business has shared all the key information we can start getting creative by representing all of your qualitative and quantitative data in graphical form to create your unique new office environment....                                 



As soon as the design is approved we'll get to work on creating a full architectural drawing and schedule package that can be used for costing and construction on site....


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Understanding which type of workplace style is best suited to your business is often driven by the operational activities & functions, and can have a dramatic impact on your staff productivity and retention...get this right and your business will excel.

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The most traditional of all workplace styles, typically, management and senior staff members work in private offices, whilst their teams are grouped in workstation clusters adjacent to their manager...


Open plan offices are environments that keeps teams connected whilst also helping to break down barriers of hierarchy and encourage cross-team working...


Activity Based Working (ABW) came to prominence several years ago with the aim to provide employees with more choice of how and where they work...


Agile working is a slightly different concept to ABW in that it puts more focus on the team as opposed to the individual...


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