is who we are


We are a creative commercial design studio with a practical sensibility and understanding of what is required to design your new office. By bridging the gap between the client and the principle contractor through our design process, it is possible to ensure a seamless and efficient journey whilst maintaining an independent perspective to fulfil your new office aspirations.


Our commitment

In conjunction with our design solution we’ll guide you through a program of activities which will be used to keep the project on track. We will also discuss budget considerations and assist in pairing you with an appropriate construction partner that we think is best suited to deliver your new office and our design intent, ensuring your project is delivered within budget and on time.

Your Experience

To design your new office should not be a painful experience or divert your attention away from your business-as-usual. We work smart, maintain a transparent, positive approach and always look forward to ensure a positive experience. We embrace a better way and focus on crafting genuine business relationships established around trust, passion & reliability.

We may be in our infancy and comparatively small in size but the benifits to our clients are notable as it ensures senior involvment throughout the duration of every project with almost two decades of experience to draw upon.

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James Bleakman | Director & Chief Creative

“We want to design offices that connect people to their environment, a place that also aligns the culture and core values of the business. The office landscape has changed dramatically over the last decade facilitated principally by the advancement of new technologies but it is imperative not to forget the human element, your people are still you primary asset, everything else should be used in a considered way to provide the best possible environment for them to thrive...


Ben Guarinos | Associate Designer

“The world may have changed but people still have a need for a day-to-day physical connection and a place they can anchor to.


I love the challange of designing solutions that provide the best environment for people to perform and excel in.....whatever form that may take!"

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“A big thank you for all your work on Kaplan projects in the last few years.  It’s been incredibly successful, and on a personal note, you’ve made my life so much easier. I really appreciate it.”


Alex Reeman-Clark, General Manager, Student Experience | Kaplan Business School

is our core value


1. Play fair + respect everyone

Treat people as you wish to be treated...this is a value that was impressed upon us growing up and is something that is at the forefront of all our relationships, it cost's nothing but it's value is infinite.

2. Prioritise all communication

Great relationships are built on open, honest and timely communication...this is simple to action, but for most, it seems impossible to master which is why we have made it our core value. We believe consistent communication is a pathway to lasting partnerships.

3. Set your own standards

Don't be led by others...when all around us is crashing down, we make it our mission to maintain our integrity and deliver to the standards we have set ourselves.

4. Work with the right people

Time is our most valuable commodity...which is why we want to spend it working with people that 'get us' and recognise what we stand is too short to deal with those that don't.

Project Cornerstones

All aspects of every project are important to us, however, there are elements to every project that should remain consistent throughout and some that are specific to each client. This is why we have developed our 4-point plan to ensure each client receives the best possible experience.

Creativity + communication is a central focus to every project, however, each client commands a unique requirement which is determined in our project specific and client cornerstone.















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