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Downsizing...without Matt Damon!

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

As many business’s look for ways to reinvent themselves or pivot to new models, one thing is clear in this current climate – a lot will be forced to downsize. This was not part of anyone’s plan but unfortunately it is something many of us will need to do to remain operational.

However, when downsizing your workforce, you can also be left with an abundance of empty office space or redundant desks that can make your office feel sterile and lacking in energy at a time when drive and enthusiasm is needed most.

The obvious solution for dealing with extra office space is to sub-lease part of your office to another business that may also be looking to downsize, ideally in it’s existing condition so that you don’t incur any additional fit out costs. However, it is likely that any sub-lease will require some investment on your part, if only to construct an inter-tenancy partition, so with this in mind, here are some other low-cost solutions to help deal with empty office space.


If privacy and security permits, turn your empty workstations into a co-working space for other business’s or individuals in your industry, not only will this generate some much needed revenue it is also a great networking/collaboration opportunity with industry partners.

Alternatively, create a co-working environment for your clients or prospective clients, obviously you won’t be charging your clients to use this space but it is a great way to get to know them better and potentially pick up more work.

Value-adds for employees

Games rooms, yoga studios, training academies, libraries are luxuries that only a few business’s can incorporate into their offices, however with this new excess of empty space set up a temporary games room or yoga studio for your remaining employees. This will boost moral amongst your staff and can provide them with some much need mental health and physical wellbeing.

Update your workspace

If empty workstations are creating a sterile environment then it might be time to change your workspace. Swap out empty workstations for informal meeting furniture. Not only will this bring a bit of life to your office it will also ease the pressure on more formal meeting rooms and if you don’t want to purchase new furniture most suppliers will allow you to lease furniture so you can swap back to your workstations as your workforce grows again.

Build a wall

Well, not literally, but if you don’t want to invest in any of the ideas above my advice is to bring all of your staff into the same area and close off the extra space with a temporary partition. This will help energise your team and create a feeling of togetherness again. There are plenty of temporary partition styles available, including simple laminate panels, upholstered stands or make it useful by adding in whiteboard panels!

If you are considering remodelling your workspace, drop us a line for a free initial consultation to discuss what is possible –

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