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History Repeating!

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

This week we've been working on a concept design for a heritage listed site in the city. It's always exciting to work on something a little different to the 'norm' and this was no excpetion, with it's original sash windows, high ceilings and quirky room shapes, however, the real icing on the cake was the original archways cutting through the 350mm thick spine wall of the main space.

When we first visited the site only the centre archway was visible but after reviewing the base plans it was clear to see that another two archways had been covered up by the current fitout. We immediately saw this as a perfect opportunity to propose a design to reinstate all three archways which would perform two excellent outcomes:

1. Maximum connection between both spaces either side of the archways

2. Celebrating the original heritage fabric of the building

The overarching concept (excuse the pun!) for this design was developed to reflect both the client's brand and the heritage space, summed up in one word 'Refined'.

This client is keen to move away from fixed desking and embrace a new agile style of working, so opening up the central spine wall really lends itself to this type flexible environment. In the main space we have proposed an open plan office that is connected through the archways to a sociable breakout with island bar and a coworking space complete with touchdown work points. The palette will remain neutral in pastel tones and the proposed furniture is elegant with a retail reflection in's something that has inspired us...

It will be a great project to work on...look out for updates over the coming weeks!

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