A collection of 2D workstations in various sizes available in .dwg and .pdf file format.


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  • Product Information

    We have created a range of contemporary workstation digital blocks for you to use on your own CAD plans, this family includes the following workstation types:


    • Linear workstations (1200x800/1400x800/1600x800/1800x800/2000x800)
    • Manager workstations (1600x1600/1800x1600/2000x1600)
    • 120 Degree workstations (1200x800/1400x800)
    • Propeller workstations (1200x800/1400x950/1600x1085)
    • Circular workstations (2060radius)
    • Focus Pods (1200x800/1400x600)
    • Plus a bonus organic workstation set

    Included within workstation blocks are accessories such as computer monitor/keyboard, pedistal and desk screen to help bring your design to life.

  • File Format

    • .dwg
    • .pdf